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Raid shadow legends best farmable champions

No matter the stage of the game, you will likely spend considerable time grinding for XP, silver, shards, potions, gear, and more.

Otherwise, it will simply take too much time to get anything done. If you want to farm dungeons or campaign stages that are too difficult for your best team to handle on their own, consider recording your manual run with the BlueStacks Combo Key. Then, you can re-run even the hardest bosses effortlessly. For the better part of the early game, you will likely spend most of your time completing and redoing different stages of the campaign. There are 12 chapters in total, each with 7 stages.

All stages give decent XP, silver, and a pre-determined piece of gear weapon, helmet, shield, gloves, chest, boots, and a random drop — in that order. You should use campaign stages to level your best champions, as well as the champions you intend to sacrifice in order to upgrade the former.

For maximum efficiency, find the furthest stage on the highest difficulty that your party can complete on their own and have them rerun this specific instance for as long as needed.

The latter is a hero that is good enough to clear the entire instance on his own, since his lesser companions will likely die in the process. Meanwhile, if silver is your priority, use your best party to clear the highest possible chapter. Most people prefer to farm silver on stage 6, because this seemingly gives the most currency per clear.

However, stage 3 is slightly easier and faster and while it does drop a bit less silver than stage 6, it also drops a shield that you can sell for similar results. In RAID, potions are used to ascend champions in order to increase their base stats.

Each champion requires arcane potions and magic, spirit, force, or void potions, depending on their specific type. Of all the latter, only the Arcane Keep is available throughout the entire week. The Spirit, Magic, and Force Keeps rotate on a daily basis after your first week in the gamewhile the Void Keep is only available on Sunday.

There are several stages to each dungeon and the higher the stage, the more likely it is that a superior quality potion will drop. Unlike in the case of campaign stages, dungeons pit your teams up against powerful bosses, so your party configuration should be slightly different for this purpose. Each respective bosses drop pre-determined sets of gearwhich you can check by clicking on the different dungeons on the map. However, unlike in campaign stages, bosses do not drop specific pieces, so you might have to farm them for some time before you obtain all the best-in-slot items for your champions.

There are 15 stages to each gear dungeon and the star quality of the items increases incrementally as you clear higher levels. Each champion features their own mastery skills distributed across three trees — offense, defense, and support. The Minotaur himself is a fairly straightforward, though difficult boss. A few tips that can help you build a team capable of defeating him include:.

With so many things to farm in RAID, it can be difficult to decide what you should focus on at particular moments in your progression. Until you reach the mid-game, however, your first priority should be to build a strong, properly geared team. You can do this by following a simple step-by-step formula. First, focus on the campaign stages to farm XP for your best champions. Bring them to max level, rank them up, then repeat. At this point in the game, increasing the rank of your heroes is the most effective way to grow the power of your team, so this should be your primary focus.

Then, you can run specific campaign stages in order to find any missing piece of gear. You can work towards ascensions, but no further than level 3 for now and you should obtain your basic mastery scrolls.

Finally, make sure to upgrade your BiS gear to level 10 or so. By now, you should be ready to clear most chapters of the campaign on hard and even brutal.Tired of not getting any good champions for a long time? Well, this following guide will show you how to build a budget team that can reach Gold in Arena with much less efforts.

All of the champions are farmable also include your starting champion and here are they:. Spirithost will give you two things you need the most in Arena:. Gear required : Speed. Lots of speed. You need her to cast an attack boost as quickly as possible. Athel and Kael both have a chance to deal a critical hit with their AoE skill.

However, they both need more critical chance to be more effective. She needs Accuracy because debuffs can be resist, which is not good for this build. So about ACC is somewhat fine at gold level. Crit chance is needed since she could deal an extra hit if she deals a critical hit. However, speed is 1 st. Berserker is a good champion that can clean all survivors after the initial AoE combo.

raid shadow legends best farmable champions

He can get an extra turn if the target is killed with his 2 nd ability — Havocwhich is very likely happening with all the buffs and debuffs ATTK up, DEF down. Why does it need to be this order? Well, you should have all buffs and debuffs cast before your damage dealers turns.

So you can burst down enemies quickly. Like your Spirithost has speed, then Warmaiden should have about to speed, and so on. Anytime agaon I would go with Kael 1st, got him as my speedfarmer with speed and he clears in betwenn seconds. No other starter managed to do so and Kael is also great in Arena, where I find him to hit much harder with his A2. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. You can farm her in Act 4: Durham Forest.

Starter champion You can pick any of the four starter champions you like. However, speed is 1 st You can farm her in Act 9: The Deadlands. Berserker Berserker is a good champion that can clean all survivors after the initial AoE combo. You can farm him in Act 9: The Deadlands. Your champions also need to have close speeds to each other.

Combat Tips: Get as much speed on boots as possible. Speed is the key to win in Arena.The list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by champion name. The champions in this tier list are ranked by comparing the champions of the same rarity based on their utility. In addition, they are tiered according how they synergizes with other champions in terms of buffing allies and debuffing enemies so everyone can win the battle more efficiently.

The champion ranking will be lenient towards Uncommon and Common champions as they have weaker skills compared to Rare, Epic and Legendary champions. These ratings are summed up to create the champion ranking. Will not be used if there are alternatives. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much for this list! I found a few missing champs in the downloadable sheet.

Hope this helps, I love this site. Mostly the Pass Champions and a few randos. There needs to be differentiation here as they are not all created equal and they are not equally useful for all situations… Let me explain…. AOE HP Burn is godly for spiders den, but single target is clunky and hard to make it work, usually requiring specific other champs to make it shine.

raid shadow legends best farmable champions

Yor list is versatile and very helpful. Could you please email it to me so I can have a complete list to print. Thank you. I am having difficulty understanding the ranking between epic and rare champions. I am struggling a bit with deciding between Epic or Rare characters.

Is a rare character always better than an epic? Or is an S ranked Rare character better than an A ranked Epic character? Why has he dropped to B. I thought you had him in S tier? Kedvarius: Thanks for your input! Ayumilove- ok thank u for your response. Now it just seems too cluttered with lettering whereas the site looked so neat and organized before. But being able to sort by faction would also help us narrow down which champs are best for faction wars too.

I read through most everything on this particular page, but definitely wanted to leave a comment. Love the list! I appreciate all the effort gone into this game and website. NOT a criticism, just something I noticed and thought about when I was researching Champions in multiple databases.

A: The rating is based on their overall performance in all fields. The rating for Uncommon and Common is more lenient compared to Legendary, Epic and Rare champions due to their limited amount of skill capabilities. Hope this is helpful!RAID: Shadow Legends may have been around for some time yet the game, as well as its number of fans continue to grow each day.

With its superb graphics, tons of gameplay to offer, as well as depth of customization, RAID: Shadow Legends has undoubtedly captured the hearts of mobile strategy RPG enthusiasts and newbies alike with its epic appeal.

As your main goal in the game is to collect heroes and form the best teams possible to successfully progress to the many challenges that lie ahead in the game. Besides crafting your own unique strategies as you choose the best from among the heroes you gather, a lot of time and commitment to grinding is a joyful necessity if you really want to grow your strength most efficiently. Progressing through the story stages and dungeon challenges with increasing difficulty levels is bound to come to intermittent halts at some point and as you need to muster more power through grinding, there are definitely a variety of options to choose from as you go.

There are no straight lines to follow on how you should spend your energy for guaranteed increases in battle power but for purposes of guiding you in case you are totally lost or relatively new to farming and grinding, we will be laying out some useful tips and strategies to guide you along the way.

Once you do get a good grasp on the game and have progressed well enough to hit the power gap wall in the campaign battles or dungeons, then read on through for more helpful tips on how to further strengthen your team.

RAID: Shadow Legends Advanced Guide: Tips & Tricks to Level Up and Farm More Effectively

Unless you are completely lucky with your hero draws from the portal, chances are you will be initially struggling to acquire 3 or higher star-grade heroes from using Mystery Shards. Although you have some use for 2-star heroes in the first few chapters of the campaign, all these heroes will only serve as food for your stronger heroes from early mid to end game.

Although there are still bleak chances of acquiring 3-star heroes by completing stages with a full team, the overall quality of rewards you can get depend on the star rating of your completion. As such, aim to secure a 3-star victory easily using 2 of your best heroes to finish campaign stages they can on auto mode. As each chapter in campaign mode holds a different hero up for grabs, be sure to try and go for the rare ones you would want to have on your team first before moving on to securing additional ones needed to rank up the heroes in your roster.

The typical ranking up of champions you should actually be using in battle starts from 3-star ones going into 4 stars. Now, despite grinding through campaign missions repetitively for some time, it will be a great challenge to rank up your entire team to 4-star rank as you would need an extra 12 3-star champions as food. So at some point, after trying to earn the 3-star heroes from the campaign chapters that you want on your team, you can revert back to regularly farming campaign stages for experience points as well as some equipment.

As such, you can switch out some of your main champions out to include some 2-star champions you would want to rank up to the next food level. As champions gain experience points regardless of whether they make it through the end of the stage or not, you can easily bank on just 1 strong champion whom you are certain can finish the stage alone and bring in 3 others that need to gain experience points.

Again, as you would want the grind part to consume as little of your time as it can, make certain that your strong champion can complete the stage on auto mode. In just a relatively shorter amount of time, you can easily acquire a lot of 3-star champions to rank up the ones you actually use in important battles.

If you find yourself in a bit of a slump early on in campaign mode, be ready for a tougher road ahead as the entire campaign stretches across 12 chapters. Beyond that comes hard mode and brutal mode which costs more energy to battle through but does offer better rewards.

The truth is, what you would want to have on your champions are 5-star quality gears, regardless of rarity. You can get a lot of 3-star and even rare ones from some campaign stages even early on but at some point in the game, you will have to swap them out once you have access to 5-star class gears.

Relatively, be sure to plan ahead on the specific stats of the gear you are aiming to acquire for your champions. Considering the limited slots you have for carrying excess equipment as well as the odds of actually pulling in the ones you really want, getting the right equipment with the right stats and star grades can prove to be an even bigger challenge than settling for the main champions of your team.

Like Campaign Stages, the rewards in the Dungeons get better the farther you get and is your primary source for arcane potions you need to ascend your heroes, mastery scrolls that are essential as well in strengthening and customizing each of your champions, and much better gears for your champions.

Take note that before you even begin to take on the dungeons, you must be ready with a 5-champion team and likewise have each one geared up enough to give you a good enough chance of finishing even the easiest of levels. The dungeon levels will most definitely be a lot more challenging than campaign stages and even on the initial levels, you may just as easily struggle to succeed. As a matter of strategy, make sure you have a champion that support the party through buffs and heals as well as crowd control abilities that debuff enemies and bosses.

These skills will be very helpful to your party and can spell a big difference between success and failure especially on the higher levels. Be sure to consider progressing through once you have enough power gathered from grinding through the campaign mode.

For the most part in the earlier part of your game, you should only consider spending energy on dungeons to complete missions or quests as needed for you to earn extra rewards. On top of what you instantly acquire for every bit of energy you spend in the game, there are tons of extra in-game rewards you can obtain by completing missions, quests, and challenges.

Be sure to check the lists out through each icon at the lower left side of the screen. Some, especially daily quests can be easily accomplished just by following your usual activities in the game. Keep in mind that you can earn a lot of rewards here that can boost your progress much faster. Additionally, there are items to work for that will be very difficult to acquire through other means. On top of these quests and challenges, there are also time-limited events to take advantage of.

Whenever available, these events will be indicated by an icon and a countdown timer at the upper right side of the screen. Be sure to look into the objectives and spend some effort into reaching the set goal to claim rare and important rewards.Some champions are out of the box in Raid Shadow Legends. From being very good to excellent in some conditions, the Champions listed below are definitely ones to have in your team.

It is quite complicated to create the perfect ranking list. Every champion can be helpful, other champions are excellent alone, and some others, paired with the correct team, are absolute beasts. Tools Champions comparator Masteries simulator.

Best champions overall Updated for patch 1. God tier champions Raglin. Stag Knight. Duchess Lilitu. Miscreated Monster. Krisk the Ageless. Siphi the Lost Bride. Cillian the Lucky. Scyl of the Drakes. High Khatun. Blind Seer. Lanakis the Chosen. Vizier Ovelis. Fang Cleric. Madame Serris. Pain Keeper.RAID: Shadow Legends is notorious for its complex gameplay and depth of choices in terms of team building, gear, and masteries.

For a new player, however, all the different aspects of the game can seem overwhelming.

raid shadow legends best farmable champions

Just a few minutes in, you are asked to choose one of four great champions and discard the rest. As you decide which of the four Rare heroes should be the first on your team, you should consider your priorities carefully. Some of the champions are better during the early game, while others remain viable options throughout your entire progression.

A High Elf Attack champion, Elhain is perhaps the most annoying character in the brief introduction to the game. This should not disqualify her, however, because she is also one of the most powerful heroes in terms of how well she scales through your progression.

She has fantastic AoE damage potential and she stacks up fairly well against single targets as well. Her abilities include:. The Dark Elf Attack champion Kael is an equally formidable choice, but his focus is more on damage over time effects, rather than direct attacks.

Raid Shadow Legends List of Champions by Ranking

He is not necessarily as balanced as Elhain when it comes to AoE vs. His abilities are:. This Orc Attack champion is likely the best choice for early domination, although he will not scale as well as Elhain or Kael during the late game. Galek has a good share of both single-target and AoE abilities and he does consistent, increased damage thanks to the debuffs he places on enemies. His range of abilities includes:. Athel is a Telerian Attack champion and the only hero with a self-buff in the initial pool of choices.

However, she is also the weakest option both short- and long-term. Her stats are not as impressive as those of other starter champions and she is fairly lackluster in when it comes to dealing damage. Her abilities are:.

Overall, the best champion long-term is Elhain, but Kael comes in a close second and might be preferred by some players.


The only option that does not seem viable to us is Athel, a champion that might have her own merit against dungeon bosses, but that just comes up short when compared to the alternatives. There are so many things you can do in RAID: Shadow Legends and most game modes become available after just half an hour of gameplay. Once completed, you can use this team to clear early levels in Dungeons, farm Silver and shards, as well as get more heroes and additional teams for specific challenges.

If you avoid these simple errors and choose a good first champion, you can form your first great team in a matter of days, especially since your first week on the game will benefit from more or less constant XP bonuses.

This will set the foundation for consistent farming and, eventually, for an arsenal of RAID combinations suitable for each dungeon and event. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher.

Windows 10 is recommended. Choosing Your First Champion As you decide which of the four Rare heroes should be the first on your team, you should consider your priorities carefully.

Elhain A High Elf Attack champion, Elhain is perhaps the most annoying character in the brief introduction to the game. Her abilities include: Keen Shot — A single-target attack that is repeated if Elhain deals critical damage.Raid: Shadow Legends features hundreds of unique champions, each with their own set of abilities and playstyle.

Which champions should you focus on, and where should you spend your resources? Find out in this complete tier list of the best epic and legendary champions in the game. All of these champions will perform well on any late-game team; thus, they are all safe to invest significant resources into once you acquire them. This tier list is an overall tier list that takes all game modes into account.

A tier list like this one gives a great indication of which heroes are worthwhile to invest resources into, and which ones you might want to swap out. S Tier — The very best champions in the game. Champions in the S tier will perform well on any team, and thus you can safely invest many resources into these champions. A Tier — Champions in this tier are above average and has a lot of potential. You can safely use these champions on your team, especially if they have great synergy with other champions currently on your team.

If you a champion with a specific role, ability, etc. D Tier — The weakest champions with the least impact reside in this tier.

Tayrel is an incredible hero to bring in terms of tankiness. Because of his skillset, Tayrel is an excellent crowd control champion that can turn around a fight entirely.

raid shadow legends best farmable champions

He is most known for his incredible skill, Dark Sphere. Because of this, Bad-El-Kazar makes up for the loss of damage associated with bringing a healer on your team.

All of these things makes Bad-El-Kazar one of the very best champions in the game. Vizier Ovelis is an incredible attacker and debuffer. Vizir of Poisons, his 5 turn cooldown skill, not only deals a ton of damage, but also applies spreads the debuffs on the target to other enemies.

You can choose between 4 different champions as your starter champion, Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel. These four champions are all of rare-rarity, which means you will be swapping them out for epic and legendary champions down the road. We believe the best starter champion to choose in order is: Kael, Athel, Elhain, Galek.

Kael is an attacker who belongs to the Dark Elves faction and carries the magic affinity, which means he deals extra damage to those with the spirit affinity. Kael posses four skills:. Given his skillset, Kael thrives at AoE damage output, while dishing out some powerful debuffs at enemies. Furthermore, his buff, Aura, gives a significant boost to the health of his allies. However, all other starter champions also possess this skill.

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